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Program Attributes

Component part dimensions are calculated and optimised and various design coefficients established. The required raw materials, standard and purchased parts etc. are determined.

Various options for mounts, power and seal design etc. can be selected.

There is a free choice of materials together with the related material properties as well as sheet metal, profile und drum designs, fasteners and accessories, standard and purchased parts etc.

The majority of designs, materials, components, coefficients etc. can be pre-selected by the customer. The amount of calculation data needed to be entered by hand is reduced for product attributes, and temperatures as well as drum diameter, length, wall thickness etc. Using one of the menus it is possible to change the pre-selected data whilst still entering data.

Data sets are available for labelling, surface quality, dimensions, style and positions, with tolerances partially dependent on component size. All data can be modified by the customer specifically for each individual case.

Data is stored at the end of a calculation. Existing designs may be re-loaded and modified at any time, followed by a further calculation. A comparison of old and new designs results in a listing of differences between drawings, part lists und data.